Car Wars Resources

Example of some of my original counters for download here

This is a page of resources for Steve Jackson Games' excellent Car Wars series of games.

All files provided are my original work, links to SJG works, or links to others' original work. Various copyrights apply where applicable.

Compendium Rules Resources

SPARK has:

IMHO the SPARK maps and turning keys are excellent, the car counters are functional but unattractive.

Original Work CWC scale counters (with damage reverse) in color:
Front and Back

El Con Autoduel Park - Tucson, AZ

Already underused by 2010 and completely abandoned during the financial woes, gang violence, and resultant population exodus during the late 2010s, El Con Mall sat unused and mummified until 2027. As citizens returned during the 2020's, reassured by the fortress truck stops along I-10 and the revitalized Davis-Monthan AFB, local business owners reincarnated the vast parking lots of El Con into an outdoor autoduel facility, Commando Scout camp, and annual BBQ event. Although rough by national standards, El Con Autoduel park is the best Southern Arizona has to offer.

Miniatures and 3d Terrain info

PC Software Car Designer

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Car Wars 5th Edition (Early 2000s Booklet Version)

Car Wars 5th Ed. Construction Rules - unofficial but excellent.

  • Color car counters, my design, plus ice counters: Front and Back

    Car Record sheets for "Amateur Karts", suitable for an introductory Amateur Night game

    Extra debris, dropped weapon, and smoke for 5th ed

    Printing Instructions

    You should be able to take the files to Office Depot, FedEx Kinkos (or similar) and ask them to follow these instructions for best results. The success of your mission will depend largely on the skill, kindness, and patience of the employee you encounter. Be nice to them and you'll leave with a nice looking sheet of counters.
    1. Set "Resize to fit paper" to OFF
    2. Set "Auto center" to OFF
    3. Merge the two files into a 2 sided document
    4. Print double sided on semi-gloss 110# cardstock

    A word about the counters
    The CW5 system has plenty of sub-compact and compact counters. As such, I have created midsize and sedan size counters. "Sedan?" you ask. Yes, Sedan body type, while not available in the standard CW5 rules, has been graciously converted by chaoticsyst3m and so I thought I would make some appropriate counters, which as you might expect are bigger than a mid but smaller than a luxury. If you don't like sedans, you can just trim them down to mid-size counters. They will fit on a mid-size counter.

    My experimentation has left me with about a set and a half of leftovers of reasonable quality. I could mail these in an envelope to a unlucky soul out of range of an Office Depot for free.

    Send me an email at cars at launchfightersgame dawt com.

    I hope you enjoy. (published 2009, updated 2015)

    Disclaimer: You are free to save & print my original work for your personal, non-profit use.

    Car Wars is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and its rules and art are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games . All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. This game aid is the original and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy