Launch Fighters! is a new spaceship board game for geeks, wargamers and sci-fi fans. You can design your own fleet of starships and challenge your opponents in an exciting star battle that unfolds on a table top.

However, unlike other space wargames that have a 149 page rulebook or cost an arm and a leg, you can just download and print Launch Fighters! It's a simple, flexible, fun and FREE space battle system for any galaxy you can imagine.

Download Launch Fighters! Quick Start (Just 2 pages of rules!)

Play Launch Fighters! as a lighthearted table game, for role-playing, for simulation or anything you wish. Join the online community of gamers who are playing and expanding the Launch Fighters! game and share your ideas and battles with others.

Launch Fighters Example
Actual playing pieces. Starships and fighters prepare for battle in deep space.

How it Works

1. Download the game
2. Read the introduction to the rules
3. Print and assemble
4. Battle! Attack! Go!

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